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Tr88House The Complex


TR88HOUSE is a place full of wonders, a treasure trove of both living and nonliving natural resources, where nature and mankind live in harmony. The mystical island is, somewhere, floating in the outer space, so bright that you can’t miss it. Remember your last dream and your mind will join the other free-spirits having adventures on the magical place of TR88HOUSE. One step on the island, and the world will change under your feet. You will feel light and free, in a place where everything is possible. No matter your age, a wave of joy will overwhelm you. Forget everything, just live! Lush paradise with vibrant colors, there are different areas, and many species. You might see fairies living in treetops and animals walking around, wild and free. Such as the Oranyx, or the Mushan, made up from the dreams of previous visitors. Some of them have decided to stay, to live their dream indefinitely, we call them the Dreamians. Find them, to get the best tips about Treehouse! Here you are, ready for a never-ending happiness!

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  • 01 / Hive

  • 02 / Munchkin Monster

  • 03 / Laser Rush

  • 04 / Mystic Golf

  • 05 / Skyfall

  • 06 / Magic’Hall

dream smart

dream safe

The Dreamians are dedicated to prioritizing the health and safety of our guests and team members. A deep sanitizing is done every morning and all equipment are sanitized all day long. Across TR88HOUSE, we carefully monitor the government guidelines by implementing safety measures and signage. Let’s continue to dream safe!