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Cosmos island full of magic, TR88HOUSE is accessible to those who can remember their last dream. Close your eyes, think about it with all your mind, and get ready to enter a world you’ve never seen before! Jump into Skyfall, go on an adventure at Munchkin Monster, hide in a bioluminescent jungle at Laser Rush, choose your tribe in Mystic Golf, or get some energy at Hive.

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Enjoy Hive’s Flavors

Meeting point between all areas, Hive is the heart of TR88HOUSE. Lively, colorful and majestic forest where smells and flavors mix, literally a taste of heaven. Let yourself be transported by your senses through the food hall!

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Tickets to happiness

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Celebrate in the Magic’hall

A world of color and fun awaits everyone who will enter our party center. From birthday parties to Christmas celebrations, everybody’s dreams come true at this door. Let our Dreamians organize everything, they will create a memorable bespoke event with heaps of themes to choose from, unbelievable creatures and entertainers, party host, and a slew of fantastic activities!



The Hive Food Hall

  • Everyday:10am - 12am

Skyfall / Mystic Golf / Laser Rush

  • Monday - Friday:12pm - 10pm
  • Saturday - Sunday:10am - 10pm

Munchkin Monster

  • Everyday 10am - 8pm
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